Beyond the Blues 2015

Please join us September 19th at Turner Hall in Milwaukee for our 12th Annual Beyond the Blues.

Turner Hall Concert Picture


2014 Sponsors

Aqua Level $10,000


Colony Brands, Inc.

Meg Fetherston Kasch & Libby Kasch

Teal Level $5,000

William & Sandy Heitz Family Foundation

Sandy & Dennis Kuester

The Windhover Foundation

Turquoise Level $2,500

Robert W. Baird & Co.

Cedar Street Advisors

Executive Benefits Network

Everett Smith Group Foundation

Laura M. Gralton

Diane and Robert Jenkins Family Foundation

Mary & Ted Kellner

Beth & Will Kubly

Sally & Chip Kubly

Anne & Fred Luber

Milwaukee Admirals

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Rogers Memorial Hospital

Bette Ross in memory of Debbie Ross Thom

Jen & Todd Schoon, Northwestern Mutual

Kristyn & David Schumacher

Mr. and Mrs. James Wigdale

Angela & Ross Williams


Navy Level $1,000

Peggie Baumann

The Bourne Family

Continental Properties Company, Inc.

Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

Andy & Julie Gusho

HSI Properties

Susan & Leander Jennings

Evelyn Kelly

Mary Ann & Charles LaBahn

College of Health Sciences at Marquette University

In memory of Susie Reed

Power Test, Inc.

R & R Insurance Services, Inc.

Julianne & Stephen Spadafora

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Tector

Kathleen & Frank Thometz

Mary & Chris Tornehl

Dr. and Mrs. James Walker

Sunny & Sandy Williams

Wolf Paving Co, Inc.

Denim Level $500

Kerry & John Bolger

Adam & Julia Desmond

Marlene & John Kreilkamp

William LaBahn

Linda & Curt Lundeen

Lori, Abby & Chloe Kilian in memory of Debbie Ross Thom

Liz & Steve Roesler

Debbie and Camp Van Dyke