Beyond the Blues 2014

Please join us for Beyond the Blues 2014

Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at 6 p.m.

Discovery World Pier Wisconsin

Enjoy musical guests:  The Dan Dance Trio & DJ Tarik Moody of Radio Milwaukee

Catering by Bartolotta’s

Tickets may be purchased at the door.  If you are not on our mailing list and would like to receive an invitation for future events, please contact Kris Rick, Business Manager, at 414-477-9959 or email at


2014 Sponsors

Aqua Level $10,000


Colony Brands, Inc.

Meg Fetherston Kasch & Libby Kasch

Teal Level $5,000

William & Sandy Heitz Family Foundation

Sandy & Dennis Kuester

The Windhover Foundation

Turquoise Level $2,500

Robert W. Baird & Co.

Cedar Street Advisors

Executive Benefits Network

Everett Smith Group Foundation

Laura M. Gralton

Diane and Robert Jenkins Family Foundation

Mary & Ted Kellner

Beth & Will Kubly

Sally & Chip Kubly

Anne & Fred Luber

Milwaukee Admirals

Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Rogers Memorial Hospital

Bette Ross in memory of Debbie Ross Thom

Jen & Todd Schoon, Northwestern Mutual

Kristyn & David Schumacher

Mr. and Mrs. James Wigdale

Angela & Ross Williams


Navy Level $1,000

Peggie Baumann

The Bourne Family

Continental Properties Company, Inc.

Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

Andy & Julie Gusho

HSI Properties

Susan & Leander Jennings

Evelyn Kelly

Mary Ann & Charles LaBahn

College of Health Sciences at Marquette University

In memory of Susie Reed

Power Test, Inc.

R & R Insurance Services, Inc.

Julianne & Stephen Spadafora

Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Tector

Kathleen & Frank Thometz

Mary & Chris Tornehl

Dr. and Mrs. James Walker

Sunny & Sandy Williams

Wolf Paving Co, Inc.

Denim Level $500

Kerry & John Bolger

Adam & Julia Desmond

Marlene & John Kreilkamp

William LaBahn

Linda & Curt Lundeen

Lori, Abby & Chloe Kilian in memory of Debbie Ross Thom

Liz & Steve Roesler

Debbie and Camp Van Dyke