The Charles E. Kubly Foundation seeks to better the lives of those affected by depression by increasing public awareness of the disease and its devastating effects, eliminating the stigma associated with it, supporting suicide prevention programs and promoting improved access to quality mental health resources within communities.



  1. Provide services to either those afflicted by depression and depression-related diseases or their friends and family.
  2. Host events or media campaigns to reduce depression-related stigma targeting either the general public or more specific populations.
  3. Provide educational workshops, seminars or other such events to service providers that interact with our population of concern (e.g. medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, police, EMTs, and firefighters) to improve the knowledge and response of existing resources.
  4. Support educational programs with a focus on the prevention of depression, depression-related diseases, and suicide.
  5. At this time, we do not actively provide grants in support of research. However, if you or your organization is performing research to develop a project that we would fund (i.e. items 1-4 described above), then we will consider your request.


  1. Impact the state of Wisconsin, as the majority of our donor base resides here. We will consider grants outside of our state if they are deemed to have potential as a future project for the State of Wisconsin.
  2. Are projects with a beginning and an end. Must have measurable outcomes to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.
  3. Do not request money for meals or refreshments, child care, or overhead expenses, including travel expenses for employees. Travel expenses for a speaker or panelist will be considered.
  4. Do not request money for legislative or political purposes.
  5. Will not be a critical source of funds to support the ongoing fiscal health of the receiving organization. We will consider salaries as long as only for the Grant period.
  6. Do not request money for film production; however, we will consider promotional help once completed.
  7. Do not request funding for billable services, such as therapeutic counseling and the like.
  8. Do not request money for salary or staff time that should be covered under general operating budget.

NOTE: All grant recipients will be required to complete a Grant Report within 30 days after project completion.


The Board of Directors of the Charles E. Kubly Foundation formally reviews proposals and makes gifts twice annually: once in the spring and again in the fall. Grants packets are created and presented to Grant Committee for review and then brought to the Charles E. Kubly Foundation Board for a final vote. This process takes approximately 5 weeks. We encourage you to submit your letter of inquiry (LOI) in time to have the final grant request in no later than MARCH 20 for consideration during our spring review and no later than SEPTEMBER 20 for consideration during our fall review. Listed below are the steps to anticipate in preparing a grant request.


  1. Review our Grant Request Funding Priorities to be sure there is a proper fit.
  2. Contact our Executive Director by telephone to generally discuss your grant request and these guidelines or send a Letter of Inquiry. We encourage you to do this well in advance of our deadline. Grants that have been sent in without a previous discussion with the ED will not be accepted.
    Kris Rick
    Executive Director
    (414) 477-9959
  3. Receive an invitation to submit a formal grant request
  4. Submit your grant request by clicking here.
  5. The Board makes its final decision regarding grant requests approximately 5 weeks after the deadline date; and our Executive Director will notify you of our decision.


  • Organization Name.

  • Documentation confirming your legal status as a not-for-profit organization (e.g. Form 1099).

  • Lead contact person information (name, phone, email) as well as a list of all individuals and their respective roles in your organization that will have project oversight and control over the requested funds.

  • Organization's mission statement and any other relevant information.

  • Organization budget.

  • Project Title (when applicable) and BRIEF description.

  • The population to be served and need.

  • Project details.

  • The Grant amount requested.

  • The specific use of the requested funds as well as the budget for the entire project. For events such as conferences, please include proposed dates, speakers and agenda and anticipated attendance numbers.

  • Please provide specific goals for the Project

  • Please provide measurable outcomes for each goal. Actual surveys/questions may be attached. Examples of effective survey questions are here.

  • Timeline to completion including major milestones.

  • How the foundation's support will be acknowledged. We request that the Foundation's name be mentioned in all media or video interviews that come as a result of this project.

  • These formatted logos can be used in any promotion of the grant and mention of The Charles E. Kubly Foundation as a sponsor, etc.

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Brand Guidelines of the CEKF

NOTE: All grant recipients will be required to complete a Grant Report within 30 days after project completion.