Let us introduce to you The Charles E. Kubly Foundation’s Young Leaders Council. This new group of ambitious young adults are serving on the YLC to make a difference in mental wellness. While they will be engaging other young adults using social media and fun(d)raising, their ultimate goal is to provide a safe and resourceful network for them.

The hope is that this network will be far reaching over time and diverse. Engaging this demographic will be so helpful in ending stigma associated with mental illness, recognizing that anyone can experience depression or anxiety, no matter what their background may be. We can’t thank them enough for their time and talents. Watch for upcoming events and outreach on their behalf!


Lily Kubly

I have been active with the Foundation since starting “Charlie’s Night” in 2016/2017. Currently living in Chicago, I’m hoping to help continue the Foundation’s efforts in Milwaukee as well as expand them to Chicago! I became passionate about mental health after losing my Uncle Charlie to the disease of depression and seeing first hand what the disease can do. I carry that passion and energy with me in not only the work I do with the Foundation, but my everyday life as well. I’m really looking forward to this Council and getting other passionate people involved with our mission!




Quinn Butler

My name is Quinn Butler, I grew up in the Milwaukee area, and will soon be moving to Chicago. My passion for mental health has brought me to multiple places. I lived in Boston, where I worked with adults as a community mental health worker. I then pursued my Masters in Nursing, and currently work as a psychiatric nurse serving children and adolescents at Rogers Behavioral Health. I have been a part of the CEKF Foundation through attending the incredible events it as had over the last several years, and I have seen the amazing community that has formed. I am so excited to be part of CEKF’s mission, and look forward to meeting you all!



Augie Fritz

My Name is Augie Fritz and I just moved back to Milwaukee after living in Minneapolis and Scottsdale over the last 10 years. Just like Lily, mental health and the Foundation have become a important part of my life after losing my uncle Charlie when I was in 6th Grade. It has been awesome watching Lily spearhead the targeting of mental health in the younger generation with events like Charlie’s Night. I look forward to getting to know everyone on this team.





Colin Fritz

My name is Colin Fritz and I currently live in Chicago, IL. Mental health awareness has been a big part of my life ever since losing my Uncle Charlie to depression in 2003. I am particularly passionate about normalizing everyday conversations around depression and anxiety, and eliminating the stigma that is often associated with these feelings. It has been rewarding to watch the CEKF begin targeting a younger demographic in recent years, where mental health is particularly prevalent.




Katie Frommlet

My name is Katie Frommelt and I currently live in Chicago but my roots are in Milwaukee. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since my sophomore year of college, and have been trying to normalize the stigma around mental health ever since. After losing a close friend to suicide in 2016, I was introduced to the Charles E. Kubly Foundation.





Bridget Kelley

My name is Bridget Kelley. I was introduced to The CEKF in 2017 after the loss of my brother. Through the support and generosity of The CEKF, we worked together to create an annual event in honor of my brother to raise awareness and support for those suffering the effects of suicide and depression. As a nurse working with Covid patients over the last year, I have seen firsthand the growing and devastating impact of Covid on mental health. I am passionate about the CEFK mission and am looking forward to taking a more active role in The CEKF, especially during this critical time.



Mitchell Lindstrom

My name is Mitchell Lindstrom and I currently live in Whitefish Bay with my wife. I attended Marquette University where I received both my undergraduate and law degree, and I am currently an attorney at Foley & Lardner. I had the pleasure of meeting with Kris and Ann at a YNPN event, and I knew that CEKF would be a perfect organization for me to get involved in. I have had a family history of suicide and depression, and CEKF allows me to bring awareness to mental health issues and channel my time to a cause that’s very important to me.




Monica Quesnell

My name is Monica Quesnell and I live in Milwaukee, WI. I previously worked as a Deputy Sheriff for Milwaukee County and I’m passionate about eliminating the mental health stigma in the Law Enforcement community. I am a student at UW-Milwaukee, pursuing my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, as well as a Certificate in Trauma Informed Care. I am also interning at Northshore Clinics and Consultants as a therapist in training.




Kelsey Rice

My name is Kelsey Rice and I currently live in Milwaukee. I received my undergrad from St. Norbert College in Communications and my Masters from Concordia University in Leadership. I have a strong passion for community service, and currently work full time for Make-A-Wish Wisconsin in fundraising and events. I got involved with CEKF to help bring awareness and eliminate the stigma around mental health. There are so many amazing resources to help people who are struggling and I’m excited to work with CEKF to shine more light on conversations.




Kristen Rick

My name is Kristin Rick and I currently live in West Bend with my Husband and our two dogs. I have been volunteering at many CEKF Events since 2014 when my Mother-In-Law (Kris Rick) became Business & Events Manager. I wanted to get more involved because I have had several friends and family members, my self included, struggle with mental health over the last several years. I look forward to meeting the members of the new Young Leaders Council as well as others involved in the Foundation.




Brittany Rosales

Hola. My name is Brittany. I attended Charlie’s Night a few years back and was impressed by the targeted approach to the younger generation. As I learned more about CEKF, I learned they support all sorts of organizations in their work to meet people where they are and am proud to be a part of this effort! Depression knows no boundaries and I believe this group is a great vehicle for reducing stigma and truly helping people get to a better place. I own a food truck in the Greater Milwaukee area and work for a software company as a data wrangler/engineer.